Online Riddles Engineering Team

Squid and Dukes meet eachother in Rome's Airport, as airline ground employees. Since the very beguinning they started creating weird mental mixes, producing websites, and online games since 2004. In 2005, a great italian riddles game, named, ruled italian scene in online gaming, reaching 1 milion users in the first 20 days of operations. After such success, the idea to translate and extend the italian riddles experience, in a unique free online riddles adventure got them to introduce the world to the Amnesya Project, known to be the hardest riddle ever created.

Squid's Riddles experience

"Weird dreams and lots of disturbed sleeping, and the perfect riddle comes up to your mind without a reason. Just a background job you are not aware about."

Dukes's Riddles experience

"Creating riddles leads you in an extreme state of mind, where you get so involved, that your brain, in deep inconsciousness, pushes you to transform your private life experience into your next riddle game."