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Riddles explanation of the term "riddle".

What is a riddle?

A riddle can be described as a statement or a question that stimulates your mind with it's multiple or hidden meaning, intended as a brain puzzle to be solved. In today's world, as in the past, we can find many different types of riddles, mainly part of the big family of Enigmas (word from enigma in ancient Latin), which are basically sorts of problems normally reported in allegorical figures and metaphorical words. To solve these kind of riddles it's suitable to wake up all the easy and lateral thinking to find out the hidden solution and meaning.

The most famous riddle ever, reported in the old literature and of the ancient culture is the one proposed by the famous Egiptian Sfinx (creature known as to be the most aenigmatic monster of the ancient world). Many books and papers quote the famous story about the Sfinx asking travelers to solve the following riddle:

"What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon, and on three legs in the evening?"

This is one of the most classical riddles and it well explains the way to solve this kind of puzzles. You should in fact find the secret meaning of the terms "morning", "afternoon", "evening". If you assume for example that these words are close to a man's life cycle (youth, average, old man), your brain will probably help you in finding the solution. When a man is a baby he learns to walk by using four legs, then in the average he walks erectus with two legs, and when he is old he uses a stick to help his movements, adding a leg to the two he uses.

This riddle is a good example to explain what is lateral thinking needed to reach the hidden solution.

How can I play online Amnesya riddles?

The game is simple and it can be played by anyone able to use his brain. The access is easy, and can be done here, while each game level can be solved just by thinking.