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Amnesya.com is an online free riddle game. Many players have tried to solve the riddles sequence since 2006. Many have reached high game levels, beating many difficult riddles, but since then, the end is still unsolved. This website is designed to improve your IQ, to help you to gain a new point of view when dealing with problems, and is structured to introduce you in a very easy way to the game dynamics. You will be starting with easy riddles, proceeding with graphic adventures, Monkey Island Style, solving hard puzzles and having fun with thousands of weird game levels!

    Welcome on Amnesya.com
    The world's hardest riddles challenge!
    Solving all the riddles won't be easy...
    Will anyone reach the end?


    1. The main goal is to reach the next page.

2. To do so just change the last part of the
        URL (web page address) with the word
        you found solving the riddle...

        start the riddle >>

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    Dukes - Riddle Engineering, Sound Developer

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    * 21.05.2008
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* 18.05.2007
    Amnesya Riddles released !
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